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The Aligarh Muslim University Alumni Association of Greater Chicago (AMUAA-GC) is dedicated to providing educational grants to institutions and financial assistance to students in need. Through its educational campaign, known as "Aligarh Tehreek," AMUAA-GC aims to reach and educate the community about the importance of education. This mission is carried out through a variety of social and cultural activities, some of which also serve as fundraising efforts to support educational programs back in India.

It is important to note that the charitable, literary, and educational activities of AMUAA-GC are inclusive and open to individuals of all backgrounds, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or nationality. This commitment to diversity and inclusivity underscores the organization's core values.

For further information about AMUAA-GC and its activities, interested individuals are encouraged to refer to the Constitution and Bylaws of the organization. These documents provide comprehensive details about the structure, goals, and operations of AMUAA-GC.


Girls Education Projects

AMUAA-GC firmly believes in the transformative power of educating girls, recognizing its profound impact across generations.

Education stands as a cornerstone in societal advancement. Beginning with primary and secondary education, it ignites curiosity and cultivates a thirst for knowledge in children. Education empowers them to shape a brighter future, whether as leaders, doctors, engineers, scientists, lawyers, bankers, teachers, or in any other profession they aspire to pursue.

The significance of a mother's education cannot be overstated in nurturing children. As the primary educator in a child's life, a mother equipped with education gains essential tools and insights necessary for effective child-rearing. Hence, investing in the education of girls, who are the mothers of tomorrow, holds paramount importance.

AMUAA-GC is dedicated to championing girls' education projects and providing support to deserving students in India. We invite you to explore our Projects page to discover more about our completed and ongoing initiatives.

Cultural and Social Programs

AMUAA-GC hosts a variety of cultural and social events, including the Sir Syed Day Celebration and Mushaira, with the aim of fostering social and cultural awareness within the community.

These events serve as platforms to educate the community on important issues and traditions while also raising funds to offer financial assistance to students in need. Through our cultural and social engagements, we strive to create a sense of unity and support while advancing the cause of education.

Join us in celebrating our rich heritage and contributing to the betterment of society through these meaningful events.

Distant Mentorship Program

This program is designed to empower AMU students to thrive in their professional endeavors. Regular lectures and presentations are conducted at AMU to inspire students and guide them on pathways to pursue higher education opportunities in the United States and Europe.

In addition, AMUAA-GC extends financial support to the Sir Syed Emerging Scholar Award (SESSA) program. SESSA operates as a mentorship and financial assistance initiative, aiding students in covering the costs associated with GRE & TOEFL tests and university application fees. Moreover, SESSA offers invaluable mentorship throughout the entire process, from the initial stages to successfully securing admission into graduate programs for the attainment of Masters and PhD degrees.

Through these efforts, AMUAA-GC is committed to nurturing the academic and professional growth of AMU students, enabling them to realize their full potential and excel in their chosen fields.

Membership Drive

AMUAA-GC warmly welcomes individuals from the greater Chicago and its nearby area to join us as members and contribute to our noble objectives.

We invite you to be a part of our community and support our initiatives aimed at fostering education and empowerment. Your participation and generosity play a crucial role in helping us make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.

Annual Members will need to renew their membership by 31st March every year. For a new membership or renewal, please visit Membership Form.

Additionally, we encourage you to contribute to our projects by donating generously. Your donations enable us to continue our efforts and expand our impact. Please click here to donate and be a part of our mission to create positive change.