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The Aligarh Muslim University Alumni Association of Greater Chicago (AMUAA-GC) organizes a variety of cultural and social events throughout the year. These events serve multiple purposes, including celebrating important occasions, raising awareness about social and cultural issues, educating the community, and fundraising to support needy students. Some of the key events organized by AMUAA-GC include:

  1. Sir Syed Day Celebration: This event commemorates the life and contributions of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the founder of Aligarh Muslim University. It serves as an opportunity to reflect on his vision and ideals and to celebrate his legacy.
  2. Ramadan Iftaar Fundraising: During the holy month of Ramadan, AMUAA-GC organizes Iftaar events to break the fast together as a community. These events also serve as fundraising opportunities to support charitable initiatives, including providing financial assistance to needy students.
  3. Kavi Sammelan/Mushaira: These literary events showcase the rich cultural heritage of Urdu poetry and literature. Renowned poets and writers are invited to recite their works, providing an opportunity for the community to appreciate and celebrate Urdu literature.

Through these cultural and social events, AMUAA-GC aims to foster a sense of community among its members, promote cultural awareness and appreciation, and contribute to the educational and financial support of needy students.