AMUAA-GC Supports Girls Education in India

A Call For Grant Proposals


AMU Alumni Association of Greater Chicago is committed to support Girl’s educational projects with long reaching benefits. We urge you to consider locating and supporting girls’ education through our programs in regions that are familiar to you and are in acute need of girls’ schools in India, particularly in areas where existing resources are limited or non-existent.


Stipulations for securing support from AMUAA-GC include the following:


  • An AMUAA-GC member can submit the project.
  • The member proposing the project must feel committed to the project and remain involved throughout the process.
  • Project Sponsor must donate 10% of the total project cost.
  • Project Sponsor must provide periodic reports as the project progresses and a final report at the time of completion of project.
  • These projects are designed to be specifically targeted for a clearly defined purpose and do not entail any long-term commitment.


Please download the Application form and guidelines for submitting project to AMUAA-GC. Click here


You can help in very significant ways to change lives of young girls through better education by donating generously to AMUAA and by getting involved and supporting a school you may already know which can be benefitted through our program.


You can also support Girls Education Programs by your Generous Donations (including Zakat)

Please mail your check to:

AMUAA Chicago
P.O. Box 67
Wadsworth, IL 60083