Sir Syed Iftar and Dinner

Sir Syed Iftar/Dinner event Organized by AMUAA-GC on May 10, 2019

At 300 Lakehurst Rd, Waukegan, IL 60085

This year the Aligarh Muslim University Alumni Association of greater Chicago (AMUAA-GC) organized the Sir Syed Iftar/Dinner event on Friday, May 10, 2019. This is the key event of AMUAA-GC to raise funds for Girls Education Projects. Dr. Ahmadullah Siddiqi, the Convener of the event, welcomed the guests. The program started after Iftar and dinner with the recitation of Holy Quran by Hafiz Maaz Sheikh.


Dr. Zafeer Ahmad, President of AMUAA-GC, gave an update about the organization and emphasized how AMUAA-GC is helping in various ways to uplift the socially, economically and educationally deprived population of India. He discussed the Girls Education Projects that were completed in 2017-18 and provided information about the future pipeline projects that may be undertaken by AMUAA-GC.  In 2017-18, AMUAA-GC presented the proposal for two projects, Hira Public School Computer Lab ($9,500) at Ambedkar Nagar, UP and Iqbal Memorial School ($10,000) at Doda, Jammu and Kashmir. Hira Public School project successfully completed, and Iqbal Memorial School project proposal is still under review. During 2018-19, one project proposal for Computer Installation ($19,000) is submitted from Hera Public School, Phadgudia, Azamgarh, UP. This project is under review; paper work and formalities from the schools are still awaited.    


The key note Speaker this year was Brother Irshad Khan, Chairman of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC). He was introduced by Dr. Saif Shaikh.  The topic of the talk was “Education is the Only Solution to Poverty—Invest in Girls Education.” Brother Irshad emphasized about the importance of educating girls in the society and how the education helps in the overall development of a community and the nation. His motivational style helped raise good amount of money for the cause.  About 140 people attended the event and about $30,000.00 including few pledges were raised.


Dr. Asefa Ansari, Vice President of AMUAA-GC, presented the vote of thanks. The program concluded with prayers made by Dr. Ahmadullah Siddiqi, Chairman of the Board of AMUAA-GC.