Annual Mushaira Organized by AMUAA-GC in Chicago

The Aligarh Muslim University Alumni Association, Greater Chicago (AMUAA-GC) organized an annual Mushaira, in combination with Bicentennial Birth Anniversary Celebration of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, on Friday on November 3, 2017 at Holiday Inn, Skokie, IL.

Mr. Anis Khan welcomed the guest and invited the Nazim Mr. Amin Haider on the podium to invite all poets and start the Mushaira Proceedings. Ten eminent poets, Janab Ahmad Salman Farooqi, Janab Salman Gilani, Janab Abbas Tabish from Pakistan, Janab Tahir Faraz from India, Janab Abdullah Abdullah from Washington DC, Janab Hamid Amrohvi, Janab Hashmat Suhail, Janab Nazar Naqi, Janab Mehboob Ali Khan, and Janab Riaz Niazi from Greater Chicago graced the event. Sadarat-e-Mushaira was performed by Janab Hamid Amrovi. Janab Amin Haider, the Nazim of Mushaira, welcomed the poets and guests. The Mushaira started with the beautiful Naat presented by the Sadar-e-Mushaira, Janab Hamid Amrohvi:

“Nigah-e-shoq puhunch jati hey Sarkar key paas

Jab bhi jaala nazar aata hey kisi ghaar key paas

Naam Sarkar ka seeney sey laga rakha hey

Aur kya rakha hey mujh muflis-o-nadaar key paas”

With the permission of the Sadar-e-Mushaira, local poets presented their poetry and received admiration from the audience. After the humorous poetry of Janab Hashmat Suhail, Janab Abdullah presented his thoughtful poems “Agar mein yeh kahoon ke ham sab Gadaryey hein” and received a lot of applause from the audience.

Ahmad Salman Farooqi recited ghazals and poems and enthralled the audience with his beautiful poetry.

“Ye kya ke sooraj pe ghar banana aur us pe chaon talash kerna

Kharey bhi hona to daldalon pe phir apney paon talash kerna”

Abbas Tabish, a poet of beautiful words, was able to impress the audience with his deep and thoughtful poetry. He received a lot of appreciation when he recited:

“Ek muddat se meri maan nahin soee Tabish

Mein ney ek bar kaha tha mujhey dar lagta hey”

The listeners of Mushaira enjoyed when Tahir Faraz presented his poetry in tarannum. He amazed the audience considerably.

“Sham-e-gham tujh sey jo dar jatey hein

Shab guzar jaey to ghar jatey hein”

Syed Salman Gilani delighted the audience with his funny quatrains. Mushaira was concluded with the ghazal of Sadar-e-Mushaira, Janab Hamid Amrohvi.

The convener of the Mushaira, Janab Anis Khan thanked the poets and the audience. Dr. Zafeer Ahmad, President of AMUAA-GC, presented the mementos donated by Riaz Niazi to each poet.

Overall Mushaira was a very successful and everyone enjoyed very much. The room was completely packed and about 160 people attended. Guest turnout was more than expected. Most of the people stayed till the end of Mushaira at 1:00 am.